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Orthopaedic Organisations

American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society

A large educational resource covering, in general principles, all aspects of foot and ankle surgery.

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Ortho Info (by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery)

Articles and videos put together for patient education on orthopaedic surgery for all areas of the body.

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Oxford Partial Knee (by Zimmer Biomet)

Detailed information on the specific type of partial knee replacement used by Mr Callahan

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Stryker Total Knee Replacement

Specific information, videos and scientific literature on the Total Knee Replacement

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Stryker Total Hip Replacement

Specific information, videos and scientific literature on the Total Hip Replacement. For Access Code to login please contact the office.

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Arthritis Australia

An excellent local site, describing the various types of arthritis and tips on managing arthritis without surgery

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Australian Orthopaedic Association

The AOA is the peak professional body for orthopaedic surgeons in Australia

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Australian National Joint Replacement Registry

The ANJRR is subsidiary group of the AOA. They collect and analyse data from all joint replacements performed in Australia since 2002

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Diet and Lifestyle

As an orthopaedic surgeon I believe that I play a small role in restoring patients to their optimal health. For most people in our society there are vast improvements that can be made by addressing diet and lifestyle issues. This is especially pertinent for patients who are sedentary, overweight or have diabetes.

There is of course a lot on the web about these topics and it is easy to become confused by all the (sometimes conflicting) information. My personal research has led me to believe that a diet low in processed “food”, sugar, and carbohydrates and filled with fresh meat, fish, vegetables, and some fruit is the optimal human diet for most people.

Coupled with a sensible consistent exercise program that includes strength training, good sleep, and strong community relationships, this strategy has the potential to improve your health, reduce the risk of disease, provide energy for activity and generally make your body the best tool it can be to live your life.

These sites provide good information on where to start…

Marks Daily Apple

Great information for the newcomer and a huge resource for those interested in exploring this way of life.

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Robb Wolf

Another visionary early adopter and extremely educated person in this area.

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Chris Kresser

A world leader in functional and intergrative medicine.

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Gary Fettke

An Orthopaedic colleague from Launceston who is an extremely passionate proponent for healthy diet and lifestyle in the care of the patient as a whole.

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Nutrition for Life

Another local resource. Gary’s wife Belinda, is a co-founder of this (now entirely independent) company with great staff to help lead you through the process of implementing these changes into your life

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