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Frequently Asked Questions

We are located on the first floor of the St Johns Hospital, Cascade Road, South Hobart. There are dedicated signed parking spots at the front of the hospital. Entry is through the main front door, turn left up the stairs or lift.

Although it not necessary to have insurance to be seen, surgery can be quite costly without it. We prefer patients who are uninsured and are likely to require surgery to be seen through Mr Callahan’s public clinic at the Royal Hobart Hospital. Patients will not be booked onto a public hospital waiting list without being seen in the clinic there and as such there is no advantage or “queue jumping” by being seen in the private rooms.

If you choose to self-fund surgery a quote will be provided for you

If possible, please complete the online forms with Medicare and insurance details prior to your appointment. If not, ensure you bring these details along with any letters from other doctors or allied health professionals, all relevant imaging including films, and a copy of your referral if it has not been forwarded to us already.

This depends on a number of factors. Which insurer you are with, the complexity of the surgery, and your financial situation. Pensioners and healthcare card holders are rarely charged a gap for surgery as we realise how hard it can be to cover the cost of health insurance on a pension.