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Minimally Invasive Achilles Tendon Repair Rehabilitation

Week 0–2

  • Backslab cast in slight equinus, non-weight bearing.

Week 2–6

  • Change to cam walker with 2 x 1cm heel wedges.
  • Start partial weight bearing, initially max 20 kg first 2 weeks, then increase to ½ bodyweight.
  • Boot off for showers and physio.
  • Physio = active assisted range of movement (ROM), max plantar flexion.
  • Dorsiflexion limited to minus 10 degrees.
  • Patient should do gentle active rom daily.

Week 7

  • Remove 1 x wedge, graduate to full weight bearing.
  • Physio = start gentle strengthening with Theraband.
  • Increase range of movement (ROM) to max 10 degrees dorsiflexion.

Week 8

  • Remove last wedge, physio same.

Week 9

  • Graduate out of cam walker, start weight bearing strengthening with physio as tolerated.
  • Range of movement (ROM) unrestricted as tolerated.
  • Gradually increase walking distance / time as tolerated.

Week 12

  • Allowed to start running.